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mYTParents is an open-source framework for building parental control devices.

You can use mYTParents free in non-commercial or academic environments under the MIT license. Commercial use requires a commercial-use license.

The first example of a commercial use of mYTParents is YouTube Parents -- the world's first YouTube-specific internet content filter.

Getting started

The easiest way to get started with mYTParents is to build your own device. A basic device is a Linux-on-a-chip device (most probably a Raspberry Pi) that you install on your network. It operates as a wireless access point -- once it's up and running, connect your child's devices to that wireless access point. The basic installation contains modules that allows a) ad hoc disable/enable of internet access, b) time access controls, and c) adult content and safe-browsing blocks. Read our Getting Started guide.

Source code

The mYTParents source code is available on GitHub: Use the repo for server-side code, and for device-side code.

Contact us

mYTParents is an open source project by Matthew Reynolds. To get in touch, email, or You can find Matthew on Twitter at